Meg Weichman  - Traverse City Film Festival

"Mike Erway is a wonderful designer and has been an indispensable team member here at the Traverse City Film Festival, flawlessly executing signage, publications, social graphics, logos, and other creative for our world-class film festival’s extensive design needs. Inventive, sharp, and streamlined, his work scales from the smallest of handheld booklets to the largest of banners that hang on some of TC’s most notable locations. If you’ve been to the festival, you are no doubt familiar with his work. With only a brief description or outline, he instinctually knows what you’re looking for. And he also thrives on feedback to take things to a place you didn’t even know you wanted. Not only is his design work of impeccable quality, he is a joy to work with and have around — cool, calm, and collected, even under tight deadlines and a demanding workload. For any of your graphic design needs, put your faith in Mike Erway, he has the skills you are looking for and will make the process an absolute pleasure. We don’t know what we did before Mike, but we do know we don’t want to know what it’s like to work without someone as professional and talented as he."


Kate Lewis  - TART Trails

"Mike  was a pleasure to work with! Our organization decided to run a last minute campaign and needed a creative graphic to go along with it. He understood our mission and values and he translated the story that we wanted to tell into the perfect image. The graphic can be used for years to come. I totally recommend his talents!"



Mark Gerlando  -  Ride Science

“When I first started my company I needed a name and logo. I called Mike first because I loved the design work he’d done for the Vasa Ski Club. Working with Mike was easy, he asked me a hand full of questions on what my company is all about with goals and needs in mind. Mike came back within two weeks with a couple options and I was immediately drawn to the one I’m using today. I can't say enough how happy I was working with Mike. He obviously asked all the right questions to come up with the perfect name/logo for my company.”

Bob Lovik  -  GT Adventure Company

“Working with Mike on the Grand Traverse Adventure Company logo and brand has been a rewarding and ongoing experience. It's not only that Mike really gets the brand that I'm trying to create, its that he has worked really hard to understand me and my business. Right from the beginning, Mike was attentive, asked a ton of questions about what I was trying to do and always gave me plenty of options that sparked my own creativity in ways I didn't anticipate.”



Matt Dakoske - Team Dakoske at Remax Bayshore Properties

“Mike has been instrumental in creating an incredibly polished image for Team Dakoske in every aspect of our advertising. We have done numerous postcards, greeting cards, print advertising, posters and our business cards with Mike. They all look fantastic! The feedback we receive from our peers and clients is “Wow!!! Who does your ad? It looks great!” We love Mike’s work. It is always very professional and has a touch of class. His turnaround time is excellent! His fees are reasonable and he is an all-around great guy! We would recommend him and his work without question. Thanks, Mike, for all you do for Team Dakoske!”


Rod Kuncaitis  -  Geo Camo

“I had the basic concept for the first Geo Camo camouflage pattern bouncing around my head for a couple of months.  I finally decided to get someone to put the design together for me.  Mike and I sat down and formulated a basic design/layout for the Michigan camo pattern.  Within a week, or so, he came back with three design concepts.  He absolutely knocked it out of the park.  One design was exactly what I was looking for.  He then proceeded to work through the process of trademarking the pattern with me(no easy task).  It was quite impressive to see him take the concept, that I had explained to him, and put it on paper.  Mike has an incredible eye for detail and continuously looks for ways to improve the color combinations that we produce. He truly takes pride in his craft.”


Ty Schmidt - Carter’s Compost and Norte Youth Cycling

“We couldn't be more happy with our Carter's Compost and Norte Youth Cycling logos! Both organizations are more awesome because of them. Thankfully, Mike made it super easy because we weren’t even sure what direction to take with either of these logos. He's a creative genius. Not only that, he’s an active supporter of community-building events here in Traverse City. Oh, another plus: He likes to ride his bike too!”